March 11, 2015

About Infinity pool covers

Three Reasons You Should have an Automatic Swimming Pool Cover



With an ASTM certified automatic swimming pool cover covering your swimming pool when your pool is not in use, you are isolating not just the water beneath the cover, but most of the risk of drowning as well. Simply put, covering your swimming pool with an ASTM certified auto cover seals the pool on all sides and does not allow your children or pets from even seeing the water let alone being able to get to or into the water. Learn More About ASTM Here:  ASTM F1346-91 (2010)


Kids LOVE water. Being able to “see” the water makes kids and pets curious and draws them to it. By removing their view or enticement of seeing the water and then sealing the pool on all 4 sides so they cannot even get to the water provides you with a major deterrent and safety tool that far outshines what you get from a fence, pool alarm, or any other type of pool cover.

It has been shown and substantiated by many testimonials from all the automatic swimming pool cover manufacturers over the past 50 years… sealing the pool closed, basically isolating the pool water from the pool deck, helps ensure the safety of your children and pets from drowning when your pool isn’t in use and no one is there to supervise.


This equates to incredible peace of mind with most people, because as per the CDC, drowning is the leading cause of death in children under 4 and the second leading cause of death in children under 14. (2013 CDC (center for disease control) released study results)

An ASTM certified automatic swimming pool cover can typically withstand hundreds of pounds of weight per square foot. (The below picture was in our Training Facility in our Eastern Factory…Standard pool cover and track held over Four Thousand Pounds of Weight (4020 Pounds) with no problem).


With our pool cover, we’ve tested our cover systems and fabric to be able to withstand thousands of pounds of direct pressure on the cover. What this means to you is…if anyone, a child, adult or even a pet were to walk, crawl or fall on top of your automatic swimming pool cover by accident when no one is around, there is little to no chance of drowning occurring. Peace of mind comes when you have an automatic pool cover and can’t be around to supervise your pool. That’s when, in the back of your mind, you’ll know that those around your pool whether pets or people, are pretty safe. This kind of reassurance doesn’t have a price tag, and can also protect you from possible liability.



When your pool isn’t covered, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor pool, especially if it’s heated…you are losing money and water. An uncovered pool loses both water and heat due to evaporation. This means you are wasting energy, water, and chemicals, and it is all just going up into the atmosphere when you aren’t using your pool. If you are doubtful of this, download this free app “The Swimming Pool Water and Energy Savings Calculator App” and run the app based on your specific location and pool size to find out exactly how much money you are losing yearly with your pool uncovered.


With these Savings it usually takes around 2-3 years depending upon the size of your pool. To be exact, the energy savings alone can be as high as 85% of what you are currently spending, and a pool cover can stop up to 93% of evaporation.



Why deal with the hassle of leaves, dirt, dust, animals, etc. in your pool every time you want to take a swim!

Lane-Lazerich-Sandy-Utah-small Deer-On-Cover


Wouldn’t it be great to just take 10 to 30 seconds, turn a key and open your pool cover to a beautiful clean pool that you can jump right into and start enjoying

Jared-Before-Pool-Picture Jared-M-Dirty-Cover-Clean-Water-2

With an auto cover you use fewer chemicals! The benefits and convenience of having an automatic swimming pool cover give you and your family the one thing most people wish for…time to actually enjoy their swimming pool. That is the convenience that an automatic pool cover from Infinity Pool Covers can provide.

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