March 11, 2015

Infinity 4000

The Infinity 4000™ has been called the best automatic swimming pool cover on the market today by customers, installers and service technicians. Here are the top 10 things you should consider, and that you will receive with an Infinity 4000™:

  1. You need an automatic cover system that has options and solutions for both New and Existing Pools, almost any size or shape of pool, and comes in both Electric and Hydraulic to better fit your exact needs and requirements.
  2. You need an automatic swimming pool cover system and cover that are code compliant. The Infinty 4000™ is compliant with : ISPSC 305.1 & 303.4, IAPMO 415.1.3 & 415.0, ASHRAE7.4.1
  3. You need an automatic swimming pool cover and system that have the reputation of “always” working…in other words, you can count on them to open and close when you need them to.
  4. You need an automatic pool cover system and the pool cover material itself that are BOTH manufactured to the highest standards, are built to last, and have the longest life and the best warranties in the industry.
  5. You need a system that will save you money by reducing your pool heating and water bills and actually provide you an ROI (Return on Investment)…in other words, a system that will pay for itself.
  6. You need a system that will help keep your family, friends and pets safe and is certified to meet or exceed the safety standards required by ASTM F1346-91 (2010).
  7. You need a manufacturer that stands behind its products and warranties provides training and support and uses trained certified installers to make sure your system is installed correctly.
  8. You need a system that blends best with your back yard environment and has many installation options, solutions and colors to choose from.
  9. You need a system that is easy to maintain. Just like your car, an automatic swimming pool cover needs to be looked after and taken care of by its owner to keep it running at optimal performance levels.
  10. You need the easiest system to operate, but not so easy that a child can operate it without adult supervision.

The Infinity 4000™ Automatic Pool Cover System Employs the Highest Grade Components:

Each component of the Infinity 4000™ Automatic Pool Cover System is created with premium Stainless Steel and Aluminum, which are hard coat anodized and powder coated to prevent corrosion and increase durability. These quality components maximize the safety, functionality, and look of your pool cover. Pool Cover Specialists® Waterproof Submersible LSHT (Low Speed High Torque) Motors are the strongest in the industry providing consumers with more power and trouble-free operation. Find peace of mind and the best automatic pool cover options with the Pool Cover Specialists® Infinity 4000™ Automatic Swimming Pool Cover.


The Infinity 4000™ Comes in Hydraulic Configurations or Electric to Better Meet Your Specific Needs.



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